The Best Flowers to Plant in Sunny Weather

Sunny-weather flowers are garden beauties that thrive in the full sun, making these flowers a garden must. Summer-weather flowers bloom nonstop into fall and are ideal for providing bursts of color through the garden and landscape. There are many flowers to choose from, so have fun planting a mixed variety to light up the garden with brilliant colors, even when the sun is beating down.


This bright spring-blooming flower thrives in full sun and well-drained soil. It can reach up to 2 feet tall and has orange blooms that are often very fragrant. The nemesis flowers sit on small upright leaves that are bright green in color and look lovely contrasting with the brilliant bloom color. The nemesis requires removing the old or faded flowers to promote new blooms, also called deadheading. Nemesis are perfect nestled within garden pots or among a flowerbed for a splash of color.


Snapdragons are a sunny-weather favorite that look elegant along a garden border. The snapdragon comes in many colors including pink, white, purple and peach. Some snapdragons have double flowers, while others have just one bell-shaped bloom. Snapdragons reach 3 feet in height and 2 feet wide, making them a showstopper inside the garden landscape. They are also ideal to use in fresh-cut bouquets because of their ability to stand straight to help fill out the vase and because of their long-lasting blooms.


This colorful flower requires full sun and well-drained soil. Its beautiful flower colors include red, purple, white and pink. The height ranges from 8 to 18 inches, and the hardiness zones are 6 to10. Verbena is also a fast-spreading flower that grows in small clumps. The flowers begin to bloom in late spring until the cool weather of fall. Verbena attracts butterflies and is a beautiful plant growing along a garden path or low rock wall.


With its lace-like flower blooms and ferny foliage, the yarrow flower is perfect for the garden. It begins blooming in late spring and blooms into fall. The bloom colors are gold, pink, red and white and look stunning inside a perennial garden or along a front-yard border. Yarrow is a very tough, drought-tolerant plant that grows between 24 and 36 inches in height. The hardiness zones are 3 to 9.

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