Flowers That Are Pink

When planning a garden, selecting cut flowers for a wedding or event or using flowers in your home decor, one consideration is the color of the blossoms. Many flowering plants are available in a wide array of colors, and you'll want to check with the nursery before purchasing a plant to make sure it will provide the blossom color you desire. Pink flowers in an array of shades are available from numerous plants.


Initially wildflowers were outcasts of sorts, independent native plants that invaded the garden. Today gardeners plant wildflowers to add color and diversity to the landscape. One wildflower, the purple globe tulip, has a pink flower that turns purple as it matures. Other wildflowers with pink blossoms include the sand verbena, farewell-to-spring and the wild geranium.

Cactus and Succulents

A variety of flowering succulents and cactus bear pink flowers for a desert garden or indoor decor. The desert rose is a succulent with pink five-petal flowers. The ragtag cactus has spiny, long, cylindrical stems that hang down, spider-like. Their flowers range in color from pink to red.


The classic rose comes in many colors, one of which is pink, in varying shades. During Victorian times different meanings were associated with different flowers and with different flower colors. Giving pink roses meant "please forgive me" or "perfect happiness." More than 100 rose varieties are available with pink flowers.


Many flowering bulbs can be grown inside and make impressive floral arrangements. In the garden bulbs will continue to multiply each year, bringing more and more flowers to the landscape. Bulbs that are available with pink flowers include the belladonna lily, Chinese ground orchid, tulips, Persian buttercup, hyacinth and the apple blossom amaryllis.

Flowering Shrubs

When landscaping your yard, selecting the shrub to plant includes choosing the desired flower color. The oleander, an easy-to-grow flowering shrub often used to provide hedges and screening, is available with pink flowers. Other shrubs that have pink-flowered varieties include summer lilac, pink summer sweet, bougainvillea, hydrangea, crape myrtle and azalea.

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