How to Stop Squirrels From Digging in Vegetable Gardens


Squirrels are common pests to vegetable gardens especially when trees hover near your garden. Repelling squirrels from a garden can be difficult as they can burrow in the ground to reach growing plants or jump from roof, cable or tree area to gain entry. Poisons are available at nurseries and from animal control, but laws against poisoning and trapping squirrels vary from state to state. There are natural methods for eliminating squirrels from your garden.

Step 1

Use hedge clippers or a small saw to clip off any tree limbs near your garden. Make sure there is more than 6 feet of jumping distance from any tree branch to your garden.

Step 2

Contact an electrical contractor in your area if squirrels are entering your garden from a nearby power line. The contractor can use a 24-inch PVC pipe over the wire so a squirrel loses its balance and is unable to cross the area.

Step 3

Keep bird feeders and bird baths as far away from your garden as possible. Make sure any bird feeder is at least 6 feet off the ground and at least 8 feet away from your garden.

Step 4

Place a 1-inch mesh wire fence around your vegetable garden. Dig the fence around the garden and bury at least 6 inches deep into the soil. Make sure the wire is at least 30 inches tall.

Step 5

Place two electrified strands of wire near the top of the fence and in the middle. You can purchase the electrical wire at your local home and garden retailer.

Step 6

Contact your local animal control if the problem persists. Find out your local laws for trapping squirrels or raccoons to know what method are permissible.

Things You'll Need

  • Hedge clippers
  • PVC pipe
  • 1-inch mesh wire
  • Electrical wire strands


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