How to Plant Almond Trees


Some people wish to grow almond trees for their ornamental appeal and others desire a delicious bounty of almonds. Whatever your motivation, almond trees grow well in warm regions with mild winters. Choose an "all-in-one" almond tree that will pollinate itself or grow full-size almond trees. If you choose full-size almond trees, you must plant more than one tree to enable them to pollinate each other.

Step 1

Prepare the sunny planting area after the final spring frost of the season. Mix one part organic fertilizer, two parts compost and one part coarse sand. Cultivate the soil with the garden spade where you will plant the almond tree. Work the soil amendment mixture into the soil you cultivated to enrich the soil and improve the drainage.

Step 2

Dig a hole for each almond tree. If you are planting more than one almond tree, space them approximately 18 to 24 feet apart. Make the holes 1 foot deep and 1 foot in diameter.

Step 3

Add water to the hole(s) to fill them to the top to moisten the planting area adequately prior to planting the almond trees. Allow the water to absorb completely before proceeding.

Step 4

Remove the almond trees from their temporary containers carefully. Tap the sides of the containers to loosen the soil and tug gently on the trees to pull them up from the containers. Place the trees into the prepared holes.

Step 5

Hold the trees with one hand and carefully fill the holes with the soil you removed from the holes (including the soil amendment mixture) with your other hand. Make sure the trees are straight as you fill the holes with soil.

Step 6

Firm the soil down with your feet as you hold the trees straight. If the trees seem to lean to either side, you may need to stake them and tie wires from the stakes to the trees to hold them straight for several days.

Step 7

Make a small berm approximately 1 foot away from the center of the trees all the way around the trees using the soil amendment mixture. Add a 3-inch layer of shredded mulch inside the berm (not touching the trunks of the trees).

Step 8

Keep the almond trees from drying out during the first month after planting while they acclimate to the planting area.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden spade
  • Shovel
  • Coarse sand
  • Compost
  • Organic fertilizer (6-1-1)
  • Almond tree(s)
  • Shredded mulch (wood chips or bark)


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