How to Make Underwater Flower Centerpieces


Whether decorating for a wedding reception or adding to your home decor, an underwater flower centerpiece adds a contemporary look. Submerging flowers underwater enhances their color and natural beauty. Making underwater flower centerpieces is inexpensive and a good way to showcase the flowers grown in your garden. For best results, choose single flowers on strong stems such as roses, tulips, calla lilies and cymbidium orchids.

Step 1

Use any size glass vase depending on the size and shape of your flowers and what size you want the centerpieces to be. Longer stemmed flowers work better in taller vases, while smaller flowers with shorter stems will look fuller in smaller vases. Any shape vase will work such as round, cylinder or square and is dependent on what you like.

Step 2

Measure the flowers on the outside of the vase and cut the stems so when inserted, the flower heads will sit below the top edge of the vase. If you will be adding a floating candle to the vase, the flower head will need to sit about two-inches below the edge of the vase. Remove any leaves which can rot if submerged for a long period of time in the water.

Step 3

Before inserting the flowers into the vase your will need to decide how you will anchor the flowers to keep them from floating up. There are several options you can use, such as placing a two-inch layer of glass stones or colored rocks on the bottom of the vase, using a small fishing weight tied onto the end of the flower stem with clear fishing line placing a floral "frog" on the bottom of the vase into which the flower stems are inserted.

Step 4

Insert your flowers into the vase, using whichever method of anchoring them you desire. Fill the vase with distilled water to avoid any air bubbles that can form when using regular tap water. To fill the vase, tilt it at an angle and pour the water down the side being careful not to disturb the flower arrangements. Use cold water to keep the flower fresh for up to a week.

Step 5

Add a floating candle on top of the water in the vase if desired. Light the candle right before your guest arrive.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not use silk since the water will magnify any imperfections and the colors may bleed.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass vase
  • Distilled water
  • Flowers
  • Glass stones
  • Floral frog-optional
  • Floating candle-optional


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