Parts List for a Mantis Tiller

Small parts for Mantis tillers should be stocked with the owner's maintenance supplies, especially parts that may be easily lost and those that may wear out or need replacing often. Original Mantis parts can be purchased from any authorized Mantis dealer. Parts are also available from online parts dealers, or direct from the company website. Mantis provides customer support via a toll free phone number, and owners can get advice and installation instructions before placing an order.

Air Filters

Air filters on Mantis tillers can become clogged and dirty within only a few hours of operation, especially when conditions are dry and lots of dust is produced during operation. Check the air filter frequently, and use a brush to remove dust and dirt. When the filter cannot be cleaned with a brush, replace the filter with a new one. A dirty air filter will compromise the air flow through the engine, and dirt may pass into the carburetor, damaging the cylinder. The January 2010 price for a pack of six air filters is about $10.

Fuel Filter

A clogged fuel filter will stop the flow of fuel and keep the engine from running. The fuel filter is located inside the fuel tank on the end of the fuel line. To replace it, lift the fuel line up through the fill opening of the tank, and remove the old filter by pulling it out of the end of the fuel line. Push a new filter into the end of the fuel line, and drop the line back into the fuel tank. One fuel filter costs $3.65 in January 2010.

Tine Retainer Pins

The retainer pins are cotter pins that hold the Mantis tiller tines in place on the axles. They must be pulled out each time the tines are removed for cleaning. The retainer pins must also be removed to reverse the tines from deep to shallow tilling. Eventually the retainer pins may be lost or bent out of shape. A package of 12 pins is priced at $4.50 in January 2010.

Primer Bulb

A Mantis tiller has a flexible fuel primer bulb on the engine to aid in starting the engine and for use during a carburetor tune-up. After a few seasons of use, the primer bulb may become brittle, or it may develop tiny cracks. Keep the fuel and air mix correct by keeping the primer bulb in good condition. In January 2010, a replacement primer bulb costs $4.40.

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