Front House Landscape and Plants Ideas

Add color and beauty to your front yard landscape with vibrant blooms and a calming water feature. The front yard space is the first thing we see when coming home, and it needs the perfect balance of color and texture. By bringing in perennial flowers, you create a long-lasting front yard landscape and one that evolves over time. Even when you're indoors, you can enjoy watching the front yard landscape come to life.


Place flower-filled containers along the front porch and within the landscape for bright bursts of color. Containers are an easy way to bring color to the front yard while keeping the budget affordable. You can control the type of soil and amount of sunlight each container receives, making the container an all-around versatile and functional front yard landscape idea. Containers come in many sizes, colors and shapes to create your own one-of-a-kind design. Fill the containers with flowers of different heights and textures to create a well-balanced container. Hardy daylilies mixed with a draping thyme is a lovely mix of colors and heights. Containers look lovely in groups or situated at a front door or along a front walkway. If you have stairs leading up to your front door, place one to two containers along the way. Updating the container with seasonal blooms is an easy way to update the look of the landscape with fresh colors.

Water Feature

Fountains bring to the front yard a sense of serenity and create a warm welcome to the landscape. A fountain looks lush nestled within a front flower bed and close to the house for a trickling focal point to the yard. Fountains come in many sizes to fit inside your landscape and front yard space. For small yards, an easy container fountain looks brilliant. For a larger yard, a multi-tiered fountain is an option that brings in a dramatic and elegant touch. Around the fountain, plant flowers to accent this landscape feature. Use water-loving plants like ferns to give the landscape a lush and cool feel.

Dwarf Trees

You want to plant a tree, but you don't want it to overpower the front of the house or block any views. A happy medium is a dwarf tree. Dwarf trees bring in height to the space but without the maintenance of a typical tree such as an oak or pine. Dwarf trees look lovely lining a driveway in the front yard or along the front of the home to help fill in empty spaces. An evergreen tree such as the dwarf spruce or cedar remains a vibrant color all year-round while bringing in height to the surrounding landscape. Plant these trees in clusters for an elegant arrangement along a front porch.

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