How to Get Rid of Snails on Flowers


Garden snails are just plain nasty. They leave that slimy stuff smeared all over the leaves and petals of your flowers, and chew ragged holes and ridges into them. Since they're not exactly what you'd call an endangered species, most people think it's all right to kill the snails that deflower your garden. But you won't have to confine your efforts to using dangerous chemicals to control these beasties. Home remedies are often quite effective without posing any threats to your family or our fragile environment.

Step 1

Inspect your plants for the presence of snails late in the evening, when they're most active. Pick them from the plants with your fingers and drop them into a plastic bag. Tie the bag shut and dispose of it. Repeat the following evening, and once weekly thereafter. This will go a long way toward getting rid of snails.

Step 2

Water your flowers in the morning rather than afternoon or evening. This will give the water time to soak into the ground and for the excess to evaporate before morning, depriving snails of a significant water source.

Step 3

Cover plants with garden cloth. This will keep snails, birds and large insects off your flowers.

Step 4

Pour a little beer or fruit juice into small disposable bowls. Dig small indents into the ground in and around your flower garden, and "plant" the bowls in them. The lowered proximity of the traps makes them more easily accessible to the snails. The beer or juice will attract them, and they'll fall into the liquid and drown when attempting to drink from the side or rim of the bowl.

Step 5

Create barriers from copper strips or tape. Snails don't like the metal and won't cross it. Wrap copper wire around pots, containers and the trunks of shrubs and trees.

Step 6

Weed your garden regularly, and clean out any rotting or decaying vegetative matter that attracts snails. Clean up any trash or debris in the area, as it provides safe hiding places for them.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic bags
  • Garden cloth
  • Beer or fruit juice
  • Small disposable bowls
  • Copper strips or tape
  • Copper wire


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