How to Protect Peach & Nectarine Trees


Peach and nectarine trees are an ideal addition to a landscape or garden for their shade, beautiful blossoms and delicious, nutritious harvest. Both these fruit trees can live for many years but require time and care to prevent against disease and pests such as gophers. Keep this in mind when trying to protect your peach and nectarine trees.

Step 1

Prune back your peach or nectarine trees every year during their dormancy. Cut off dead, broken or diseased branches. Prune out crowded center branches to make way for sunlight and air circulation throughout the entire tree.

Step 2

Apply a dormant spray in the winter in an even coat all over the trunk and branches, as well as the leaves. These can be found at your local gardening store.

Step 3

Layer fertilizer near the base of the peach or nectarine tree about one to two months after planting it. Keep it from touching the trunk. Reapply every year in the spring and fall.

Step 4

Use fungicide or herbicide if necessary during the year, particularly in the spring and summer seasons when insects and fungus are most apparent. Apply evenly over the entire fruit tree.

Step 5

Use chicken wire to prevent pests such as gophers from damaging the trees. Place the wire into the ground about two feet back from the tree's trunk, buried at least two feet under the soil (so pests can't tunnel to it).

Step 6

Coat mulch around the tree's base and roots to deter weed growth, which can damage the peach or nectarine trees.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Fungicide
  • Pesticide
  • Fertilizer
  • Dormant spray
  • Lightweight chicken wire


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