How to Fertilize a Bing Cherry Tree


Bing cherry trees are a cultivar of sweet cherry and among the first early-season cherries to produce harvest-ready fruit in the early summer. Bing cherry trees do not need fertilizer when they are young and not bearing fruit provided they are growing in nutrient-rich soil and competitive weeds are kept at bay. Once mature and producing fruit at roughly 3 to 4 years old, bing cherry trees should be fertilized once each year in early to mid fall.

Step 1

Select a complete granular fertilizer formula product designed for fruit trees and containing a guaranteed analysis of 12-16-12 and trace nutrients such as magnesium, boron and zinc.

Step 2

Apply the fertilizer in a dose equivalent to 1 oz. of fertilizer for every square yard of soil surrounding your cherry trees.

Step 3

Cast the fertilizer around the base of the tree starting 6 inches out form the trunk and extending 6 inches beyond the drip line of the canopy in a ring form.

Step 4

Nestle the fertilizer granules into the 1 or 2 inches of soil with a rake or cultivator before watering in well until the soil is drenched but there is no standing water.

Things You'll Need

  • Fruit tree fertilizer with 12-16-12 formula and trace nutrients
  • Cultivator or rake
  • Water


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