Vining Plants for a Pergola

Windy colorful vines create a bright show during their blooming season and are the perfect plant to grow along a pergola. A vine's natural tendency to grow up toward the sun creates a shaded roof to a pergola and a cool spot to enjoy in the summer months. Many vines are rambunctious growers and have the pergola covered in one growing season. The beautiful blooms of the vine, coupled with their fragrant scent are an ideal way to spruce up a garden space.


A fragrant and lovely vine to plant along the pergola is the wisteria plant. The wisteria vine is a fast-growing and very strong vine that is capable of attaching itself along the pergola with little effort. Its winding tendrils hold lilac colored blooms that resemble a bunch of grapes. The blooms drape down and cascade over a pergola with beauty and are also deer-resistant, making this an ideal vine for growing in the garden. Beginning in the spring, the cluster of blooms begin to blossom and remain vibrant well into the summer.

Trumpet Vine

Another vigorous growing plant is the trumpet vine. As the name suggests, this vine has trumpet-shaped flowers that are bright orange and salmon colored. The trumpet vine grows up to 40 feet in length and withstands poor soil conditions, as well as a minimal amounts of rain per year. The hardy vine begins its blooming season in the summer and adds bright bursts of color to the landscape. The trumpet vine does not need to be trained and is very low-maintenance. It can withstand periods of drought and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.


Grow a sweet grapevine along the pergola for a lovely addition to your landscape. Grapevines are perennial vines that come back each year. Their hardy growth pattern and sweet fruits make this vine a garden must. In the fall, the grapevine foliage turns a fiery red and crimson color that lights up the pergola space for a dramatic touch. In the summer, and when the fruit drips from the vines, the pergola becomes a sweet outdoor spot to munch on grapes while relaxing under the shady retreat.

Morning Glory

The ever-lovely morning glory vine is a perennial vine in the warmer regions of the Unites States, and an annual vine in cooler climates. This extremely fast-growing vine covers the pergola with their bright bloom colors. The silky flowers come in lavender, dark purple, white or pink. Some morning glories are variegated, where two bloom colors are swirled together for a truly magnificent flower. Morning glories, as their name indicates, begin their show in the morning and come to a close in the early evening. This brilliant vine is a hummingbird and butterfly magnet.

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