How to Take Care of Bamboo Plants in Water


Lucky bamboo, Dracaena sanderiana, closely resembles the unrelated bamboo plants in appearance. Unlike true bamboos, sanderiana can spend its entire life grown in several inches of water. The lucky bamboo will thrive in environments offering lower light conditions inhospitable to many other plants, such as those found in the typical home or office. The plant is attractive and undemanding, and even the novice can successfully keep lucky bamboo healthy and happy.

Step 1

Fill a quart container with tap water and place it uncovered on a countertop overnight. This will allow the chlorine and fluoride to evaporate. These chemicals are detrimental to the health of many plants, so use this water for growing your lucky bamboo plant. You can use bottled water instead. Don't use water that's been run through a "softener" as the salts in it will eventually kill your bamboo.

Step 2

Place the stem of your bamboo plant in a clear vase. Pour in several inches of decorative gravel, stones or marbles to steady it into place. Cover them with water and add another half-inch or so above the top of the decorative material.

Step 3

Place your bamboo plant in the brightest spot available in a warm area, out of direct sunlight. Typical room temperature of around 60 to 75 degrees F is fine.

Step 4

Change the water once weekly, or if it appears cloudy or discolored before that.

Step 5

Rotate the plant a quarter turn once weekly to provide all sides with adequate light.

Step 6

Feed your bamboo plant once every two months with a water-soluble liquid fertilizer according to the packaging instructions.

Things You'll Need

  • Quart container
  • Clear vase
  • Decorative gravel, stones or marbles
  • Water-soluble liquid fertilizer


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