How to Select Grass Seed


Selecting grass seed is the most important part of seeding a lawn. The right grass seed will grow a beautiful, healthy lawn. Choose the wrong grass seed, however, and you'll soon have a mess on your hands. Select the right grass seed for your yard based on your climate, maintenance requirements and desired aesthetics, as well as your lawn's sunlight exposure and amount of foot traffic.

Step 1

Choose between warm-season and cool-season grasses based on your climate. Warm-season grasses are best for regions that are hot or warm year-round, while cool-season grasses are best for climates with colder winters. Common cool-season grasses include Kentucky bluegrass, red fescue and ryegrass. Warm-season grasses include St. Augustinegrass, Bermudagrass, Bahia and Zoysiagrass.

Step 2

Select grass seed based on the amount of sunlight your lawn receives. Different grasses require different amounts of sunlight. Plant Kentucky bluegrass or Bermudagrass if your lawn receives lots of sunlight, or plant St. Augustinegrass or red fescue in shaded lawns.

Step 3

Look for grass seed appropriate for your lawn's foot traffic. Meadow grass, bluegrass seed blends containing perennial ryegrass and Bermudagrass are all tough grasses that stand up well to high foot traffic.

Step 4

Choose grass seed that meets your maintenance expectations. If you can't mow, fertilize or water the grass very often, some good low-maintenance grass-seed choices are red fescue, carpet grass and centipedegrass. Rygrasses, Zoysiagrass and bentgrass are all higher-maintenance grasses that require more frequent mowing, watering and fertilizing.

Step 5

Select grass seed based on how you want your lawn to look. If you want a thicker, more lush-looking lawn, fescues, St. Augustinegrass and centipedegrass are good choices.

Tips and Warnings

  • Don't choose a warm-season grass if you live in a cool-season zone, or vice versa, because you won't have much success growing the grass seeds. If you live in the "transition zone," you're usually better off selecting a cool-season grass seed than a warm-season grass.


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