Small Walled Garden Ideas

Just because you have a small, enclosed garden does not mean it can't be the focal point of your outdoor landscape. Work with the space to create a colorful garden using mixed varieties of flowers, plants and shrubs. Make sure there is a balanced combination of heights, widths, colors and textures. Along the edge of the wall, grow taller plants like dwarf cedar or spruce. Don't forget to use the wall as an extra space for lining flower-filled pots.

Perennial Garden

Small walled garden spaces are the ideal spot for growing perennial gardens. Perennial flowers provide a long-lasting addition to the space and the varieties of perennial blooms are vast. Each year the perennial flowers come back stronger and taller, creating a new and lovely addition to the walled garden. Inside the walled garden, add a perennial tree such as a Japanese maple. These cascading trees create shade and the flowing limbs billow over the garden for a stunning design. Hardy perennial blooms like daylilies and coneflowers are bright and cheerful blooms to plant within the garden wall. Plant these perennials two to three in a row to spread over time and fill out the space. Grow creeping vines like sedum to weave and meander around the garden wall for a lush and vibrant plant.

Edible Garden

Create a warm-season edible garden within the walled space. Vegetables like beans, cucumbers and peppers add color to the space while providing food for daily meals. Along the edges of the walled garden, plant cherry tomatoes to drip over the walls. The small wall provides support for heavier fruited vines like zucchini and squash. Inside the garden is also the perfect spot for growing an herb garden. Herbs don't need a lot of space and do well when crammed into the soil together. Perennial herbs like mint, sage and dill are fragrant herbs to plant. Annual herbs like basil and cilantro work well tucked into containers to place along the wall. Using containers frees up space for other edibles.

Ornamental Grasses

The great thing about ornamental grasses is that they thrive on neglect and come back each year fuller. Ornamental grasses edged along a garden wall create a whimsical and light feel to the space. Blue oat grass has beautiful foliage that looks lovely along the border or tucked in a corner of the garden. Fountain grass, with its bunny tail blooms, is soft, mound forming and an extremely hard grass. Hair grass is another ideal ornamental grass to grow along the small walled space. Its hair-like texture and neat mound has attractive foliage for a whimsical touch to the garden space.

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