Native Plants of Georgia

Native plants are those plants growing naturally in a certain area without human intervention. They're tougher and are easier to maintain than imported plants. Because Georgia is one of the most diverse ecologies in the United States, the state has a wide range of native plants with almost 3000 species of shrubs, trees, flowers, grasses and ground covers, according to an article from the Gwinnett Daily


Mayberry is a shrub that generally grows in pine oak forests, producing bell-shaped flowers. The plant has glossy green foliage and is known for its zigzag twigs. This shrub is used for screening in partial shade and is a common shrub in the Piedmont area of Georgia. Winterberry, a shrub that grows in the Coastal Plain and lower Piedmont, is known for its colorful red berries and attractive gray bark.

Small Trees

The Mountain Stewartia is a small tree or large flowering shrub that grows in the Blue Ridge region. It produces white flowers in June and July and has dark green glossy summer leaves that turn orange and then scarlet in fall. The Georgia oak is a small tree grown on rocky soil and dry slopes. It's also used as a popular street tree and is grown under power lines in the Georgia Piedmont. Its leaves are smaller than typical oaks.


Columbine is a one of the most beautiful native wildflowers. This wildflower, which is a favorite of hummingbirds, produces hollow red and yellow flowers shaped as spurs appearing to be two flowers in one. It blooms in late spring and can grow as tall as two to three feet, according to These showy yellow wildflowers are one of Georgia's largest and brightest native sunflowers, reaching heights from three to five feet tall. This sunflower grows aggressively on well drained soil such as clay or sand. The Blue Vervain is a native wildflower that grows naturally in sloughs, marshes and pond edges of the state. It has deep blue flower spikes and is easy to grow from seed.


Climbing Hydrangea are native vines used to decorate or soften a tree trunk, trellis or stone garden wall. They produce fragrant white blooms that attract butterflies. Its native habitat is along Georgia low woods, streams, floodplains and swamps. The Trumpet Honeysuckle is a native vine that produces trumpet-shaped orange or scarlet flowers and red fruit. This woody vine, which does best in full sun, is used on fences, arbors, walls and trellises. As a non-aggressive plant it can be controlled by regular pruning. Because it's pollinated by bees, people allergic to bee stings should avoid it. Japanese and Chinese wisterias are native plants found growing in low, open woods throughout Georgia. They produce fragrant flowers and serve as host plants for several butterflies.

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