Wild Blackberries Identification


Wild berry plants can be difficult to identify and tell apart from each other, whether they are raspberries, blackberries, mulberries or another variety. Blackberries are found growing in the wild throughout North America, especially in heavily wooded or burned areas. Look for some key things when identifying blackberries in the wild, such as berry shape and color, ripening times and the shape of the plant.

Step 1

Focus on plants that actually have berries on them, which is usually from late summer to fall. Unripe blackberries appear red; the time when they ripen is when they achieve their black color.

Step 2

Examine the leaves. Blackberry plants are bushy and can grow anywhere from 3 to 8 feet high, with leaves that are ovals, split up into three to five separate leaves. The plants also usually spread over the ground or up something, such as a tree or fence.

Step 3

Look for thorns on the plant. Blackberry plants have short thorns on their stem. The plants also have multiple arching stems.

Step 4

Look for the flowers on the plant, which will bloom from spring to summer. These flowers are small, whitish pink, has five petals and grow in clusters.

Things You'll Need

  • Container to collect blackberries


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