How to Make Cakes With Natural Flowers


Cakes help you celebrate many occasions--birthdays, dinners, engagements, weddings, baby showers and anniversaries. An inexpensive way to decorate a cake is with fresh flowers. Not only do they look beautiful, but they can save you the cost of a professionally decorated cake. Depending on your personal taste, use edible flowers such as daisies, roses, violets or lavender or place petals on top of your cake or alongside to create a work of art that not will stand out but taste delicious as well.

Step 1

Draw a rough sketch of the cake on paper and design how you want to display the flowers. Arrange them on top of the cake in the center, or on different sides, or simply cascade them down from the top. If you prefer not to use whole flowers, sprinkle petals over the top layer of your cake and around it. Your final decision will determine the number of flowers you need.

Step 2

Buy your flowers an evening before or on the morning of the occasion, and place them in a container of water to prevent them from drying up.

Step 3

Wash the blooms and stems gently under cold running water to remove any pesticides or chemicals. You will also wash away any insects the flowers may contain. Place the flowers on a paper towel and allow them to dry.

Step 4

Cut the flower stems to an inch long using a sharp pair of scissors. Make each cut straight, rather than jagged. A stem with a straight cut will be easier to insert into icing, specially if the icing is firm.

Step 5

Insert single-flower stems into the icing if the cake has a single layer, or group three or four together and add them to the cake.

Step 6

Repeat the procedure for each layer if you have several tiers separated by columns. The flowers will hide visible columns and add a uniform touch of color in the center. Add natural flowers around the base of each layer if your cake is tiered but does not have columns.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not use flowers such as amaryllis, foxglove and clematis that are inedible or could cause an allergic reaction.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Cake
  • Natural flowers
  • Vase or container
  • Cold water
  • Paper towel
  • Sharp scissors
  • Parchment paper


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