How to Use Table Centerpieces of Miniature Palm Trees


Miniature palm trees are also known as bonsai, and they are available or can be grown in five different types of palm trees. These include cane, feather, fan, sago and fishtail palms. Within these types are many varieties of palms that do quite well as container-grown miniatures. Once you have one or more miniature palm trees you can use these delightful plants as centerpieces for luau-style summer parties.

Step 1

Place a lauhala table runner down the center of your party table and lauhala place mats along the sides of the table.

Step 2

Position one or more bonsai miniature palm trees along the table runner. If you only have a single tree, use more of the other decorations as filler.

Step 3

Arrange the column-shaped glass candle holders along the table runner. These should appear casually placed. Insert votive-type candles in the holders.

Step 4

Fill glass bowls with water and float large, open tropical blossoms on the surface of the water. Nature, fire and water are the three essential elements to a casual luau party setting.

Step 5

Use Kamani wood serving dishes and utensils and consider arranging the food buffet style so that guests can serve themselves and mingle, enjoying the overall garden.

Things You'll Need

  • Lauhala table runner
  • Lauhala place mats
  • Miniature palm trees planted as bonsai
  • Column-shaped candle holders
  • Candles
  • Wide bowls
  • Tropical blossoms
  • Kamani wood serving dishes
  • Kamani wood serving utensils


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