Crafts Using Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon is a popular symbol of summer, as well as a refreshing snack when the days are long and hot. Seeds from watermelons are versatile in that they can be eaten, used for contests, saved for growing and used in crafts. Crafts made using watermelon seeds are relatively inexpensive and do not require many supplies to get started. Whether you're a teacher looking for fun activities for the classroom or a parent ready to make memories with watermelon crafts, the following list contains ideas for both the young and old.

Watermelon Beads

Turn those watermelon seeds into watermelon beads making necklaces, bracelets and even earrings. Make watermelon bead jewelry for yourself or to give as gifts to family and friends. The key to stringing watermelon beads into jewelry is to string them while they are still wet, but not slippery. Consider alternating with cantaloupe or squash seeds to add additional color. This activity is appropriate for ages 10 and up.

Paper Plate Watermelon

A paper plate watermelon makes a decorative, colorful craft for any bulletin board, wall or refrigerator. This simple craft only requires a white paper plate (preferably with a non-glossy finish), red and green paint, watermelon seeds and glue. The outer edge of the paper plate will be painted green to represent the watermelon rind, while the rest of the plate will be painted red. Once the paint has dried completely, glue watermelon seeds onto the red portion, or "flesh" of the watermelon to complete the paper plate watermelon; a great activity for ages 3 and older.

Watermelon Seed Mosaic

Kids of all ages (as well as adults) can show their creative side by creating a mosaic with watermelon seeds. Any type of base can be used, including cardboard, construction paper and foam board, or serious crafters may choose to use canvas. Glue watermelon seeds onto the base to create designs, themes or abstract pictures. Draw shapes or designs for younger children and allow them to glue seeds following the outline provided.

Watermelon Seed Music Makers

Kids love noise makers and will enjoy making these watermelon seed music makers. Begin by taking a white paper plate and either color or paint the outside rim (underneath side) green and the rest red. Fold the paper plate in half with the colored side on the outside. Staple the edges of the plate halfway around the plate to seal. Add enough watermelon seeds to make noise when shaken and then staple the rest of the way to seal completely.

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