How to Pick Out a Good Honeydew Melon


There are few things worse than buying a honeydew melon that appears fine at the store, and then getting home and finding out it is not as tasty as it seemed it would be. Before making a honeydew selection at the grocery store, there are a few things to look for in a honeydew melon that will help you select the best one.

Step 1

Smell the melon. You want to find a melon with a fresh odor, so lift the honeydew away from the other melons, and smell it to see if it has a strong, honeydew scent.

Step 2

Knock on the center of the melon two or three times. If the melon sounds hollow, it can mean it is either not ripe, or it is over ripe. The hollow sound is the result of not enough moisture inside the melon. If the sound of the melon is deep, or it sounds thick, it means that the melon is full of juice and ripe.

Step 3

Feel the weight of the melon. Honeydew melons that are heavier than others of the same size are also riper and contain more juice.

Step 4

Look at the skin of the honeydew. The color of the honeydew should be a pale, yellowish green.

Step 5

Feel around the outer flesh of the honeydew. It should be firm, with only a slight give to the touch, and without soft spots or dents.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not select a honeydew melon that has nicks or soft spots, as the fruit inside may have already begun to rot.


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