Patio Arbor Ideas

Patio arbors covered with lush foliage and colorful blooms create an inviting space. A vine-covered arbor also provides a cool spot for outdoor living and entertaining friends and family. Decorate the arbor with a string of decorative lights for a warm and magical glow to the space. Don't forget to bring in colorful blooms in containers to echo the colors found in the vine. The lush and exotic feel to the patio space an arbor creates will beckon you outdoors for many enjoyable evenings. .

Creeping Vines

Creeping vines are an arbor must. They provide a cool and shady retreat around the arbor and bring in bright colors with their foliage and blooms. A vigorous and strong vine to grow over an arbor is the grapevine. Grapevines have the ability to attach themselves to the arbor and grow up and over the top for a colorful design. During the fall, the grapevine turns brilliant shades of reds, oranges and crimsons for a vibrant patio show. Cabernet vines, with their flaming colors, cover an arbor with bright and flaming foliage. During the fruit season, the dripping grapes add a whimsical addition to the space and one to be eaten. Another fast-growing and sturdy vine is the morning glory. The morning glory begins its show early in the day, hence the name, and swirls to a close in the evening. The colors of the morning glory contrasting with the bright green foliage is a magnificent sight to behold. Morning glories have strong tendrils that easily attach themselves to an arbor. They also grow back each year, an added bonus.

Outdoor Dining

Arbors along an outdoor patio make for a relaxing spot to enjoy eating outdoors. Along a vine-covered arbor, situate an outdoor patio set to use for dining. Wrought-iron patio sets are a classic design and look elegant in a patio space. Around the patio arbor, plant colorful flowers and plants inside containers for added bursts of blooms to the outdoor space. Use the blooms throughout the growing season to create fresh-cut bouquets for your table. For a dramatic addition to the outdoor dining space, hang an outdoor chandelier from a nearby shade tree or under the arbor.

Patio Path

Create a decorative path leading under the arbor and up to the patio. A garden path leading into the patio provides a functional and inviting addition to the landscape. For a low-maintenance path and one that also helps surrounding plants retain moisture, use mulch. A thick layer scattered along the landscape and around plants and blooms creates a lovely contrast to the space. There are a many varieties to choose from, including hazelnut hulls that bring in texture to the space. For a multi-colored path, use two or more types of mulch together; consider adding slate or flagstone stepping-stones over the mulch for an added layer of beauty.

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