Water Feature Landscaping Ideas

Bring in music to your landscape with a water feature that provides a calm trickling sound, and instantly create a relaxing atmosphere. Water features can be situated in a small garden, or used as the main focal point in a backyard landscape. They look lovely along a garden wall or on a private patio to create your own oasis. Fountains also help to add interest to the landscape, and act as transitions between areas around the yard.

Courtyard Water Feature

Create a focal point inside a courtyard by installing a water feature. Water features nestled in the center of the space provides a resting point for birds and butterflies, and keeps surrounding plants and flowers moist. Around the courtyard fountain, lay pebbles or river rocks to collect the water within the small pools below. A traditional multi-layered fountain is ideal within a courtyard for a classic design. This type of fountain provides two or more basins for collecting the cascading water. For a more modern take on a courtyard fountain, install a column style fountain that looks like it's rising from the ground. These interesting fountains darken when the water cascades down, making for a rich and elegant look to any courtyard space.

Container Water Feature

Use a container water feature to enhance your yard or patio. Container water features are ideal if you don't have a lot of space, or want a budget-friendly feature to jazz up your landscape. Container water features are made in many sizes to fit your space perfectly. There are many colorful glazed containers to choose from to create a seamless or contrasting design, depending upon your style. The container water feature looks beautiful inside a perennial garden or along a garden pathway. Use one on each side of a pergola entrance for a welcoming feature to the space. The container water feature also looks nice with containers clustered together along a backyard space or under your favorite shade tree.

Wall Fountain

If you have a wall within your landscape, add a water feature to the space. A walled fountain has a built-in spout that shoots the water into a collecting pool below. The basin looks lovely filled with water plants such as water lilies or cattails, which shoot up and out of the water. Around the wall fountain, add water-loving plants like ferns and hostas for a lush and exotic feel to the space. The bright green foliage of these plants will complement the water feature. At night, add a set of solar lights close to the fountain to create a glow.

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