Ideas for Fall Floral Arrangements

Fall floral arrangements take their cue from autumn leaves, with a color palette of golds, reds, coppers, oranges and yellows and touches of purple. While chrysanthemums are the stars of fall, other flowers work just as well. Roses in burgundy, carnations in yellow, sunflowers even Oriental lilies in orange are all appropriate in fall floral arrangements. Complement those colors with fruits and vegetables used in unusual ways.


Fall fruits include apples, pears and grapes. More unusual fruits that also work in autumn arrangements are kiwi fruits, which are fuzzy, green and egg shaped; star fruit, which is light green and star shaped; and pomegranates, a deep pink, round fruit about the size of a baseball. Use wooden skewers to pierce the fruit and then put them in the arrangement. Grape clusters need to be wired to the skewer. Large pomegranates may be cut in half to show off the glistening ruby seeds.


Use twigs cut from the garden and hot glue them around a straight-sided glass vase. Tie raffia over the twigs several times and then tie tightly. A similar process works with fall leaves. Brush the backs with a light coat of white glue and then press them onto the vase. Heads of wheat glued to votive candle holders make placeholder vases. Glue Brazil nuts, walnuts or almonds in the shell to a coffee can spray-painted brown. Or use the nuts as an accent on the twig and leaf vases. Vegetables may also be used as a vase for a fall floral arrangement. Cut the tops off pumpkins, purple cabbage, eggplants and large squash. Hollow them out and fill them with flowers. It may be necessary to take a thin slice off the bottom of the vegetables so the vegetable vase is flat and stable. Fruits like apples and oranges make mini-vases. They look festive hollowed out and filled with fall foliage. March five or seven mini-vases down the center of the table, interspersed with additional autumn leaves.


Vegetables make an unusual addition to autumn flower bouquets. Fall is harvest time, so vegetables fit the theme. Cut broccoli and cauliflower into florets. Spear the floret's stem with a wooden skewer and insert it into the floral bouquet. Use Brussels sprouts the same way. Chard, a leafy vegetable, comes with red and yellow veins and leaves. The leaves are broad and 4 to 8 inches long. Use chard leaves with gold, yellow and burgundy mums.

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