Plants for a Hummingbird Garden

Hummingbirds are not only lively, colorful birds that dart around flowers to find nectar; they are a fun and friendly birds that will land on your fingers and hat brims if you are holding a feeder. But there's usually a "bully" who sits high on a branch or antenna and waits to see who he can drive away from a feeder. Put out lots of bright colored flowers and they will be flying around your yard in no time.

Paint it Red

Hummingbirds are attracted to all shades of red. To attract them while you're getting your colorful plants in the ground, place hummingbird feeders around your yard, filled with hummingbird nectar (1 cup sugar mixed with 3 cups water; boil two minutes, then cool before filling feeders). Hummingbirds are so enamored with red, they will check out a T-shirt or hat with red flowers on it before flying away to find something that holds nectar. As soon as your red flowers blossom, they will find them easily.

Red Flowers (Annuals)

To attract hummingbirds quickly, plant groups of red flowers, which will stand out immediately. When you plant salvia, you are ringing the dinner bell for hummingbirds. Salvia are hardy and perfect for a sunny area. Keep them watered and fertilized and they will draw hummingbirds until frost. Other red annuals that are wildly attractive to hummingbirds include: zinnia, petunias, impatiens, snapdragons, begonias, nasturtium, celosia, geranium, and red lobelia. Most of these plants/seeds can be purchased at local greenhouses.

Red Flowers (Perennials)

Red bee balm, also known as monarda, is a great attractor for bees and hummingbirds. The leaves smell fresh and light and make a lovely scented potpourri. By planting bright red tulips, you get the attention of hummingbirds very early in the season. Many gardeners place hanging planters of fuschia around the yard, and hummingbirds love them. Plant pots full of red hibiscus and pyrethrum are not only beautiful, they'll attract hummingbirds and butterflies as well. Honeysuckle and hollyhock take up space, but are well worth it. Two important bright red plants that will attract hummingbirds are the red peony and the Chinese poppy.

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