How to Weave a Flower Crown


Making a flower crown is a fun, easy project, and the lucky girl who gets to wear it will enjoy flaunting it at any event. You can use flowers you pick in your own garden, or purchase flowers from a any shop or stand that sells bouquets to create a beautiful floral crown. You don't have to have superior weaving skills to weave a floral wreath--this task requires a little patience to complete the job.

Step 1

Strip the leaves off the flowers of your choice, such as daisies, violets, marigolds, dandelion, black-eyed Susans or chrysanthemums.

Step 2

Use a pin to make a ½ inch slit in the stem, vertically, just under the flower head.

Step 3

Thread a second flower's stem through the slit in the first flower. Pull it gently through all the way so that the underside of the flower head is touching the stem.

Step 4

Make a slit in the second flower's stem, just below the stem that it has been threaded through. Push another flower through that slit.

Step 5

Continue the pattern until you have woven a chain that is long enough to fit around your head.

Step 6

Make a slit in the stem of the last flower on the chain, then push the stem of the first flower through it to close the circle.

Step 7

Trim off excess stems wherever they may be sticking out, or tuck them into the flower chain.

Tips and Warnings

  • Unless you are skilled at identifying them and know which ones are safe, and you know what may have been sprayed on them, avoid using wild flowers.

Things You'll Need

  • Flowers
  • Pin
  • Scissors


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