How to Hang a Metal Planter


Metal planters come in a variety of styles and finishes. Some planters are balcony style enclosures of decorative ironwork; others are contemporary stainless steel boxes that appear to be suspended without supports. Hanging metal planters is generally easy and most types come with mounting hardware and screws.

Step 1

Position your metal planter hanger against the surface where you will mount it. Use a tape measure to find the center of the post or window if you are positioning the planter symmetrically.

Step 2

Check that the planter is level. Mark the mounting holes using a pencil.

Step 3

Drill pilot holes into wood posts, fences or siding. Use a masonry bit if you are drilling into the mortar between bricks, concrete or stone. Insert anchors if your planter is not being mounted over a stud or other solid wood support.

Step 4

Position the hanger over the anchors and pilot holes and screw mounting screws into the hangers using a power screwdriver. Place the metal planter in the hanger and double check that it is level. With some hangers you can bend the hanger slightly for adjustments. Make sure your anchors and screws are designed to hold the weight of wet soil in the planter.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Metal planter
  • Hanging brackets
  • Drill
  • Masonry bit (optional)
  • Power screw driver
  • Level


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