Daisy Flower Crafts For Kids

Daisies are very simple but enchanting flowers. Daisies come in a variety of shapes and colors. Though the typical daisy is thought to be white and yellow, you can grow daisies that are red, orange and even blue. If you have an abundance of daisies in your home garden, consider plucking a few of the beautiful blooms and using them in a creative craft project for your kids.

Daisy Chain

String together several daisy blossoms for a fanciful chain that can be used for a variety of purposes. To make the chain, thread string or wire through the flowers. You can pass the wire through the center of the flower, or pass it through the base of the blossom beneath the petals. To keep the daisies from bunching together on the chain, place a knot before and after each blossom. Add beads between the flowers for an especially colorful piece. The finished chain can be used as a garland, necklace or fairy crown.

Pressed Daisies

Pluck your daisies at the height of their bloom for the best pressed flower results. Lay the daisy flat between two pieces of paper. Take care to arrange the petals in the formation that you want them to appear in when they are completely flat. Lay the flower between two pieces of plain white paper and place it in a heavy book or flower press. Check on your pressed daisies every two to three days. When they are perfectly flat and dry, they are ready to be removed. The finished pressed daisies can be used to decorate scrapbooks, bookmarks, greeting cards and other paper crafts.

Dried Daisies

Daisies can be dried using one of two methods. The simplest method is to hang the flowers upside down in a dark, dry and well-circulated closet until they are dry. You can also dry your daisies by placing them in a jar with silica gel and microwaving them on a low setting for two to five minutes. Once the daisies are dry, they can be used to make a decorative garden in a jar. Prop the daisies up in a clear glass jar and anchor the stems in green modeling clay. Surround the daisies with fake butterflies or bumblebees, and stick pipe cleaners into the modeling clay to make grass and seal the jar.

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