How to Grow an Avocado Plant From a Pit


Create your own avocado plant the next time you make guacamole by growing a tree from the pit of the fruit. While you likely will not get fruit from your tree, you will have an ornamental addition to your garden with an avocado tree. Rather than going to a garden center to get your seeds, look no further than you kitchen counter. Once you cut away the fruit from the pit of the avocado, you can sprout and later plant it to have your own avocado tree.

Step 1

Fill the jar or drinking glass with water to 1 inch below the top.

Step 2

Stab the ends of the toothpicks into the avocado pit around the seed, halfway between the pointed and rounded ends, with even spacing between the toothpicks.

Step 3

Suspend the avocado pit on the edge of the jar or glass by the toothpicks so the rounded bottom sits in the water, and the pointed top rests above the top of the jar.

Step 4

Leave the avocado seed to sprout for two to six weeks or until the jar fills will the growing avocado roots. Change the water three to four times a week to keep the water clean.

Step 5

Remove the avocado from the water, and pull out the toothpicks.

Step 6

Plant the avocado into a hole dug into potting soil in a container or garden bed with the roots down and the top half of the pit above the soil.

Step 7

Keep the growing avocado well-watered and well-drained in full sunlight. Trim the seedling back to 6 to 8 inches tall when it reaches a height of 12 inches.

Step 8

Fertilize container grown avocados with houseplant food every two weeks during the summer and every six weeks in winter. Dilute the houseplant food according to the label. Apply nitrogenous fertilizer to avocado plants in the garden over one year old four times annually.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Glass jar or drinking glass
  • 3 to 4 toothpicks
  • Avocado pit
  • Potting soil
  • Container or prepared garden bed
  • Balanced nitrogenous fertilizer or houseplant fertilizer


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