Evergreen Tree Landscaping Ideas

Evergreen trees keep their colors all year long, making these trees every gardener's dream. With their long-lasting and visually interesting foliage, the evergreen looks brilliant anywhere within the landscape. Most evergreen trees require full sun to thrive, so make sure you plant the tree in its preferred growing environment. Nestled along a garden path or situated within a container, an evergreen provides non-stop beauty to an outdoor space.

Privacy Hedge

English laurel is an evergreen tree that is thick and dense, perfect for creating a privacy wall in the landscape. The shiny, dark green foliage can grow up to 20 feet tall and make any small corner of piece of land feel private and roomy. Create your own outdoor oasis by planting a row of English laurel along the side of an outdoor patio or yard space. You'll need to shape them to create the appearance of a green wall. In no time, this aggressive evergreen creates a lush private screen for using as a patio. Once the trees are established, prune the laurel once a year to keep the landscape looking tidy.

Evergreen Topiary

Evergreen trees, like cedar and spruce, are ideal for garden topiaries. Their soft foliage and easily shaped leaves can be pruned into spirals or balls. Evergreen topiaries create a focal point when tucked into a perennial garden or along a front flower bed. Flank evergreen topiaries on either side of a door or garden gate to create a grand entrance. Line them along a outdoor path or inside a courtyard for color throughout the year.

Container Gardening

Evergreens trees, like dwarf conifers, spruce and broadleaf evergreens, are ideal candidates for containers. Containers filled with evergreens make an ideal accent plant around the landscape. There are many types of dwarf spruces that are low maintenance and can bring a bright burst of color and texture to any space. The Iseli fastigiate spruce, a type of evergreen spruce, has an upright columnar shape with bluish-green needles. It grows up to 6 feet, but takes up to 15 years to reach this height. Its slow growth allows you to transplant the evergreen into a larger container, if need be.

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