Decorating with Indoor Trees & Plants


Trees and plants are beneficial to the home for several reasons. Simply placing a few potted plants around the house can help to improve your air quality. Plants and trees are also attractive items that can be incorporated into your home decor to add a pop of color and bring a little bit of nature indoors. The options for this type of home decorating project are nearly endless, from cacti to fruit trees. Take time to consider your needs before running to the nearest nursery to ensure that your new plants are well-suited to their environment.

Step 1

Select a spot for your indoor tree or plant. Decide whether you will be placing it on the floor or atop a table or shelf. Come up with a vision for the area so that you are prepared to select the best plant for the task. Do you plan to place a series of plants along the top of your cabinets, place a hanging flower pot beside the back door or set a tall tree in front of a large window? Each of these areas would receive a different amount of sunlight, an important consideration with indoor plants.

Step 2

Evaluate your home decor and consider the types of plants that will best complement it. Asian-inspired homes are perfect for bonsai plants. A Southwestern theme is ideal for a collection of cacti. Victorian decor is well-suited to ferns and delicate flowers.

Step 3

Choose a plant or variety of plants that match your decor and will thrive in your chosen location. Identify the needs of each plant in terms of water and sunlight. If you plan to group several plants together, make sure that they have the same requirements for sun. If you don't have a particularly green thumb, opt for a hardy plant such as the ponytail palm or spider plant. If you want plants that are useful as well as decorative, consider a cinnamon tree or citrus tree. The calamondin orange and sunquat can be grown indoors and provide juicy citrus fruits.

Step 4

Purchase pots for your new plants. While some plants come in small, decorative pots, you will probably need a bigger container in order for the plant or tree to thrive and grow. The pot that you select can add to your home decor just as much as the plant itself. Make sure that you select a heavy pot for any plants or trees that will be placed on the floor, to keep pets and children from knocking them over.

Step 5

Re-pot your plants in their new containers. Provide soil and fertilizer adequate to their needs. Cacti will require a special sandy soil that is different from that used for most other indoor plants. Water your newly replanted tree or plant and place it in the chosen location. Remember to provide regular water and fertilizer to keep your indoor plants lush and green.

Tips and Warnings

  • Some plants are poisonous to pets and children. If you have little ones or furry friends around the house, make sure that your plant selections are safe for them.

Things You'll Need

  • Indoor plant or tree
  • Pot
  • Soil
  • Water


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