Desert Landscaping Ideas in AZ

Arizona is a beautiful desert environment that offers sunshine nearly every day, accompanied by intense, dry heat that may offer challenges to homeowners considering landscaping ideas. The key to landscaping in Arizona is to decrease the need for constant watering, as well as choosing plants or shrubs that are relatively heat or drought resistant. Imagination and a bit of knowledge about native desert plants will help homeowners choose the best ideas about landscaping in Arizona.

Drought-Resistant Plants

Drought resistant plants and shrubs are the most likely selection for hot, dry environments such as those found in the desert communities of Arizona. Some of the most popular include but are not limited to Mexican sunflower to varieties of Aloe Vera and cactus, ornamental grasses such as Purple Fountain Grass or Mexican Feather Grass.


Mesquite and Palo Verde are excellent shrubs for desert environments, as are olive trees and dwarf conifers, states


While many homeowners may think flowers are a poor choice for hot, dry desert environments, some species of flowers actually like hot, dry areas. Some of the favorites include Marigolds, African daisies and Indian blankets.

Walkways and Paths

Flagstone or Saltillo tiles are good choices for desert landscaping around yards and patios. Saltillo tiles are large, reddish colored tiles that absorb water and provide safe, non-slick surfaces during occasional rain storms or cloudbursts common in some Arizona mountain communities. Flagstone offers a natural sand-coloring that blends well in any desert environment. Lining pathways with bricks set into sand also hold up well to desert climate and low maintenance as well.


Ponds and pools offers a welcome respite to desert environments and that goes for your yard too. Fountains, small ponds or pools not only attract beautiful desert birds and insects, but also provide a focal point of a yard that may take advantage of a number of landscaping ideas, like Lantana, Manzanita, succulents and cacti, in addition to some flowering plants like Desert Lavender, Arizona Poppy, Devil's Claw, Ocotillo, Scarlet Sage and Tamarisk or Salt Cedar, just to name a few, suggests Pima Community College.

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