What Are the Live Plants for the Office That Require No Sunlight?

Houseplants add greenery and a natural touch to the office. Unfortunately, many offices receive little to no natural sunlight. Houseplants with low-light requirements can thrive under the fluorescent lights present in most offices. Check plant tags for those indicated as low-light to ensure the plant you are choosing can grow with no actual sunlight in your office.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen, or Aglaonema commutatum, is a low-maintenance potted plant suitable for low-light situations. The large, tropical leaves are deep green with lighter green or cream variegation. Chinese evergreen requires minimal care to thrive. Water the plant when the soil begins to dry out and feed two to four times a year with a houseplant fertilizer.

Marble Queen Pothos

Also called Pothos ivy, Marble Queen Pothos is striking when planted in a hanging basket. The ivy tendrils have deep green, heart-shaped leaves with slightly lighter variegation on them. The tendrils hang over the edges of baskets. Marble Queen Pothos requires watering only once the soil has begun to dry. It requires very little light, which is easily supplied in most well-lit offices.

Snake Plant

Sanseviera plants have long, spear-like leaves. This foliage earns them their common names of snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue. The leaves are a deep, glossy green with yellow bands adding further visual interest to the plant. Snake plant grows well in any form of light, from the standard light it receives in an office environment to full sun in a south window. It requires minimal watering and care, so leaving the plant alone in the office during long weekends rarely affects it.

Parlor Palm

Parlor palm naturally grows in the heavily shaded areas under rain forest canopies, so the low-light intensity environment in an office suits the plant. Parlor palm has long fronds with fern-like leaves. It has full, green foliage and resembles a miniature tree. Parlor palm does require some humidity, which is lacking in many offices. Keeping the soil moist and misting the leaves with water occasionally alleviates this concern.

Cast-Iron Plant

Aspidistra elatior, or cast-iron plant, thrives in nearly any cultural condition. It has broad, long evergreen leaves. The lush cast-iron plant is grown outdoors in shade gardens and also thrives as a potted houseplant in rooms with little light. It withstands lack of water for extended periods, yet also tolerates over watering. Cast-iron plant varieties include those with deep green leaves and varieties with variegated foliage.

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