Landscaping Around a Backyard Fire Pit


A backyard fire pit is a simple feature for your home which adds outdoor entertainment to any lush garden or yard area. When it comes to landscaping around a backyard fire pit, you must always be thinking in terms of the heat and danger potential of an open fire. While you don't want any guests to be injured at your home, you also want to ensure you don't create a risk of burning plantings or trees.

Step 1

Clear the grass layer around your fire pit by removing the sod and dig a shallow 2-inch deep perimeter around the pit which extends 4 feet out from the edge of the fire pit. A circular pit will need to be treated on all sides while a pit with a back wall only needs to be dug on the front and sides of the pit.

Step 2

Layer the bottom of your pit area with landscaping fabric, overlapping any layers by 4 to 6 inches. Push U-shaped staples through the landscaping fabric at 4-foot intervals to secure it to the ground.

Step 3

Place gravel, concrete pavers, brick or flagstone over the landscaping fabric in the pattern or style you prefer. The gravel should be added 2 inches deep to fill in the dug area.

Step 4

Pour an inch of sand over the pavers or flagstone if you chose them and use the broom to sweep the sand in between the cracks to help stabilize them. Spray the stones with a light mist of water to secure the sand and pack it in.

Step 5

Place any chairs or benches around the fire pit 2 1/2 feet away from the outer edges of the pit to leave room for walking and keeping company from getting too close to the flame.

Step 6

Set planters around the perimeter of the stone or gravel area and plant with annuals or perennials of your choice. Flowering plants often work well to bring color to the fire pit area while shrub-like herbs such as lavender or rosemary can create a visual border.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you notice any of your pavers or flagstones becoming loose and shaky, add more sand over the area, sweep it into the cracks, and wet once more.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Tape measure
  • Landscaping fabric
  • Scissors or box cutters
  • U-shaped landscaping staples
  • Gravel, concrete pavers, or flagstone
  • Builder's sand
  • Broom
  • Water hose
  • Patio chairs or benches
  • Planters
  • Plants, annuals or perennials


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