Garden Projects Made Out of Clay Pots

Clay pots are inexpensive and versatile. They blend in with any garden, weathering with time outdoors and taking on a soft patina. But clay pots are useful for more than holding plants. You can use clay pots to create useful or decorative accessories for your garden. These clay-pot projects can be made with old or new pots. They're even a good way to make use of damaged pots.


Block the drain hole of a large, glazed clay pot and insert a pump. Add rocks and another smaller pot to "tilt" into the first. Connect the pots and pump with clear plastic tubing. Pump the water up from the large pot, into the smaller one, which pours back into the larger one. Be sure to use a pot that is glazed on the inside to avoid losing too much water to evaporation through the porous clay.

Toad Abode

Toads eat many harmful insects that might otherwise damage your garden plants. One way to encourage toads to hang around the garden is to offer the toad a pleasant place to live. A toad abode is a good way to make use of a damaged clay pot. Place the pot on its side, half-buried in the dirt. Arrange rocks and plants around the toad's new house.

Pot People

Sculptures of figures crafted from various sized clay pots add a whimsical note to any garden. Use a large pot of two for the torso and another for the head. String together smaller pots with rope, tying a knot after each new pot is added to keep them from slipping. Add a pair of gardening gloves for hands and rubber boots. Stuff sphagnum moss in the gaps between pots.

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