The Best Bushes for a Neat Colorful Garden

An interesting garden starts with the colors and textures of trees, shrubs and flowers. The backbone of a gorgeous garden is made up of the right shrubs. Mix a variety of bushes along with perennials and annuals for a colorful show all season. Visit your local full-service garden center for unusual cultivars that will thrive in your garden's conditions.


The most obvious choice for color is found in the blooms. With a huge variety to choose from, consider the acidic levels of your garden, the sun availability of your space and when you want blooms. Also, consider allergies when choosing a shrub. Finally, determine if your shrub will be for privacy or for show. The age-old flowering favorites include lilacs, roses, gardenias, rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, butterfly bushes, spirea, snowball bush and forsythia.


Color is also achieved through the interesting shades, textures and shapes of the leaves of bushes. Look to barberry's crimson leaves for year-round show or the different varieties of abelia for autumn colors. Holly bushes stay a deep green year-round and have that unique leaf shape they're famous for. Chamaecyparis is a fern-like evergreen with blue-silver tones.


Berries provide food for humans and animals alike, as well as give off a different type of color. These bushes include edible berries (for humans only, not pets) such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and elderberry. Other bushes with berries include the holly, wildlife strawberry bush, chokecherry, dogwood, and Shepherdia.

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