Organic Seeds for Planting

For a truly organic garden, control the plants you grow from the very beginning. Choose organic seeds to start your own plants. You will be assured that the food you produce was raised organically from seed to harvest. Another benefit is that if you plant organic open-pollinated (non-hybrid) seeds, you can save seed from your garden to grow next year.

Seed Collections

Seeds of Change is dedicated to the production and preservation of open-pollinated, organically grown seeds. They encourage seed saving, and are happy to answer gardeners' questions about any phase of growing. Many gardeners enjoy browsing the hundreds of varieties of organic seeds offered in their catalog, however selecting only a few varieties for a small garden can be daunting. To help gardeners choose, Seeds of Change also offers categorized collections of organic seeds. A few of the collections are hummingbird and butterfly flowers, sunflowers, lettuces, cool weather crops, greens, cover crops to improve the soil, and selections for a children's garden.

Short-Season Tomatoes

Northern gardeners with short growing seasons often experience problems growing tomatoes, which typically grow best in hot summer sun and require 90 days or more to fruit. Johnny's Selected Seeds offers organic seeds for a short-season tomato, 'Moskvich.' This variety has round fruits that weigh 4 to 6 oz. Fruits mature in only 60 days from transplanting, and the plants tolerate difficult cool temperatures. 'Moskvich' is indeterminate, so the plants will require staking. This variety will continue to produce all season.

Organic Herbs

Herb gardening is popular for both culinary and medicinal gardeners. Both annual and perennial herbs can be started from seeds. Many herb seeds can be direct-seeded in garden soil. Herbs are also good candidates for raised beds and container gardens. The Natural Gardening Company is the oldest certified organic nursery in the US. They offer a wide selection of organic herb seeds. Their organic 'Lettuce Leaf' basil is perfect for making pesto. The leaves are very large, up to 4 inches long, and they are sweet and flavorful. This variety will grow more bushy and leafy the more it is harvested. Their organic 'Italian Flatleaf' parsley is an especially nice strain, with the full parsley flavor preferred by chefs.

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