Suitable Fruit Trees for Containers

Eating fruit picked right off of your own fruit tree provides you with a freshness not found in stores. Growing your own fruit trees does not require acres of land, if you grow fruit trees in containers. This is a popular way to grow fruit trees, especially in areas where soil conditions are insufficient, weather conditions are inappropriate or space is not available otherwise.

Citrus Fruit Trees

Growing citrus fruit trees in containers provides you with a variety of zesty, sour tasty fruits. These types of fruit trees rank high among those selected for container growing and are available in special dwarf varieties. Citrus fruit trees suitable for containers include the popular orange, grapefruit and lemon trees. Other citrus trees appropriate for growing in containers consists of various lime varieties such as Key lime, limequat and Tahiti lime, along with other species including kumquat and calamondin (often grown for its attractive appearance more than its fruits). These types of container trees are sensitive to cold weather conditions, but can thrive when properly cared for.

Temperate Fruit Trees

Temperate fruit trees suitable for containers include dwarf apple, fig and stone fruit varieties. Stone fruit tree varieties have a single hard seed (stone, pip or pit) in the fruit and include various types of apricots, peaches, nectarines, cherry and plum trees. Temperate container fruit trees require a cold period every year to flower and produce fruits, unlike the citrus and tropical trees. This means this type of container tree will need cold temperatures for several weeks during the winter months. How to provide this will depend on your exact location and the fruit tree selected to grow. Learn all about the specific type of fruit tree you want to grow in a container before purchasing one. Providing appropriate growing conditions is essential to the survival of it.

Tropical Fruit Trees

The largest group of fruit trees grown in containers is the tropical one. These types of trees do not endure freezing temperatures and require protection from it. Tropical fruit trees suitable for containers include avocado, banana, Barbados cherry, capulin (cherry), carissa, carambola, cattley guave, Ceylon gooseberry, cocoplum, coffee, grumichama, guave, imbe, jaboticaba, kei apple, limeberry, miracle fruit, monstera, naranjilla, natal plum, papaya, passion fruit, pineapple, pitanga, pitomba and Surinam cherry. The stone fruit trees included in this group (apples, plums and cherries) do not require a cold period during the winter to produce fruits as the temperate fruit trees do. Contact your local Extension to learn more details about growing fruit trees in containers in your specific region.

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