How to Dry Grape Vines


Dried grapevine wreaths form the basis of decorative wreaths for all seasons. Once coiled and weaved, these delightful vines make a sturdy base for an assortment of ornaments, dried or silk flowers, and other handcrafts to add to any home décor. Often used as a welcome wreath on the front door celebrating the changing of seasons, grapevines are easy to work with and dry in the shape you have designed.

Step 1

Use fresh grapevines to form wreaths or baskets. Form simple wreaths by coiling the vines into a circle and weaving additional vines around the base until the desired fullness is reached. Follow the project instructions for forming grapevine baskets and other designs.

Step 2

Hang the completed project in a dry well-ventilated area. Wreaths can be hung on the wall at this stage as long as the area is not exposed to excessive moisture.

Step 3

Check vines daily and turn to dry evenly, if necessary. Wreaths require turning to form a well-rounded wreath. Drying is complete when vines are brittle and no longer pliable.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not allow grapevines to dry out before making wreaths or baskets, as vines snap easily once dried. Fresh vines are pliable and easy to form into the desired shape.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh grapevines
  • Project instructions


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