List of Sage Plants

Sage represents a group of fragrant plants used as decorative plantings in gardens and as an herb for preparing foods. Sage plants feature a tube-like flower that grows up to 36 inches tall. Most sage serves as a semi-evergreen plant that hold leaves through the winter. Sage is a beautiful addition to the landscape, adding fragrance and beautiful blooms as a hardy perennial.

Dwarf Mexican Bush Sage

Mexican bush sage grows as a compact bush in the perennial garden. This plant produces spike flowers on long stems. Flowers cluster close together along the length of a stem in bright blue colors. Bush sage prefers full sun and thrives in desert-like conditions. This plant requires well-drained soil and needs organic-rich soil to thrive and expand. Mexican bush sage can spread to widths of over 4 feet in the correct planting conditions. Bush sage tolerates regular pruning to control rampant growth and will produce fragrant leaves through the growing season and flowers in the fall.

Russian Sage

Gardeners prize sage plants for the interesting foliage that accompany these often purple/blue flowers. Russian sage features a gray-colored arching leaf. This plant produces many spiked stems of tiny blue flowers that stretch far above the clump of fragrant foliage at garden level. Russian sage prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Allow the plant to die back during the winter and prune in the spring to control the plant's tendency to spread and flop over in the garden.

Tricolor Sage

Tricolor sage features beautiful foliage in with blue-gray, green and cream colored variegated leaves. This plant grows up to 30 inches high and features soft, fuzzy leaves. Tricolor sage has the same fragrant leaves as other cultivars. Like the Mexican bush sage, the tricolor sage features spikes of blue/purple flower clusters on long-thin stems. Some tricolor sage also feature light-pink colored streaks through the foliage. This plant also works well as a houseplant when placed in a container with excellent drainage.

Golden Sage

Golden sage features variegated leaves in green and gold. This plant is prized for its foliage and the beautiful spike flowers in lavender shades. Golden sage can grow up to 2 feet in height and prefers a dry environment in full sun. Like other types of sage, golden sage needs well-drained soil to thrive. Golden sage works beautifully as an addition to the perennial garden with graceful fragrant foliage. Like other varieties, golden sage also attracts wildlife and makes the perfect addition to the butterfly garden.

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