White Blooming Plants That Attract Hummingbirds

A common misconception exists that hummingbirds only drink nectar from flowers that are red. While they are particularly attracted to red, they will also drink from other colors of flowers as long as they provide ample nectar. From tall shrubs that provide shelter and nectar, such as White Lilac and White Flowering Currant, to petite shrubs and perennials that just feed them nectar, such as White Lavender and White Penstemon, many white flowers attract hummingbirds to drink their nectar.

Taller Habitat and Nectar Shrubs with White Blooms

Syringa 'Sister Justina' or White Lilac reaches 8 to 10 feet tall and blooms in spring with bright white flowers. While the flowers on this variety are smaller than many lilacs, the fragrance makes up for their delicate size, and the hummingbirds enjoy the nectar from each tiny tubular flower. Hummingbirds often nest in the topmost reaches of shrubs taller than 6 feet. Ribes sanguineum 'Alba' or White Flowering Currant blooms in very early spring at a time when hummingbirds can't find much nectar elsewhere. This California native plant grows to 6 to 8 feet tall and has drooping clusters of white flowers, almost like miniature wisteria blooms.

Smaller Nectar Shrubs with White Flowers

Lavendula x intermedia--'White Grosso' or White Lavender--is in the mint family, and plants in the mint family are attractive to hummingbirds for their nectar. White lavender reaches 3 feet tall and wide, and blooms in early summer and again in late summer to early fall, bearing spikes of white flowers that attract hummingbirds. Correa 'Ivory Bells', or White Australian Fuchsia, is an Australian native which has hanging white bell-shaped flowers from winter through spring, and often again in summer. It reaches 5 feet tall and wide and has dark, greyish-green leaves. It looks good in the garden with heathers, which also attract hummingbirds.

Perennials with Nectar-Filled White Flowers

Penstemon 'Holly's White' is a summer-blooming plant that has pure white, bell-shaped flowers all summer long. The foliage is a lush medium green and it reaches 3 feet tall and wide. It looks great massed in between larger plants that attract hummingbirds such as White Lilac. Phygelius aequalis 'Snow Queen' or White Cape Fuchsia is a crisply white perennial with drooping, pendant flowers spring through summer. It reaches 2 to 3 feet and has a tropical appearance. Cape Fuchsia has an abundance of nectar to attract hummingbirds, and flowers actually drip with nectar if disturbed.

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