Fertilizers for Plants

One of the major tenets of organic gardening is soil building. Because it consists of humus, compost is an excellent soil builder. Depending on the materials used to make compost, its nutrient content will vary. Organic fertilizers are rated according to the same standards as synthetic chemical fertilizers. A package of organic fertilizer will state application and dilution information, and it will describe the basic nutrient N-P-K ratio (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium).


Vaccinate® is a relative newcomer to the organic fertilizer market. Vaccinate® is a pre-mixed carbon-based foliar spray that combines organic nutrients for improved plant growth and vigor with organic systemic insect and disease protection. Salicylic acid derived from plants builds the disease and insect resistance at the cellular level, stimulating the plants' natural immune responses. Treated plant leaves begin to take up Vaccinate® within 20 or 30 seconds after application. This sophisticated product has no fertilizer restrictions and can be used on indoor plants as well as on any outdoor vegetation. Vaccinate® is manufactured by WetAndForget.

Bioform Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Old-fashioned, smelly liquid fish emulsion fertilizer has been reformulated and redesigned to provide optimum fertility and plant health properties. Made by Hallier Enterprises, Bioform is a basic, broad range liquid organic fertilizer. It can be used either as a foliar spray fertilizer or as a wet soil fertilizer. Made from fish hydrosolate and seaweed, it contains essential nutrients. It also contains chelated trace elements, bone meal for calcium and phosphorus, and molasses as a microbe stimulant to improve nutrient uptake. The Bioform liquid concentrate has no inert ingredients.

Bat Guano Powder

Bat guano is a very high nitrogen fertilizer. Available in a finely powdered form, most brands of bat guano can be applied as dust or spray at an average rate of five lbs. per 100 sq. ft. Gardeners can also make a tea by mixing the powder with water and using it as a foliar spray. Guano must be applied very carefully, because too much will burn plants. Similar guano from seabirds is also available, with similar application recommendations and cautions. Guano is a natural manure and is packaged by numerous companies.

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