List of Northern Daylilies

According to the University of Vermont, Daylillies are not really lilies at all. Instead, they are a variety of flower that is very closely related. While lilies have bulbous roots and alternating leaves, daylilies have fleshy roots and leaves attached to a central base. Northern daylilies are flowers that perform well in the harsh, cooler climates of the northern United States. This makes them an ideal flower for northern landscapes. Since daylilies hybridize quite easily, unique varieties are offered through specialty nurseries The American Hemerocallis Society Region I members voted Northwind Dancer, Bela Lugosi, Darla Anita and Siloam Double Classic as the most popular daylilies for 2009. The AHS Region I includes: Iowa, Manitoba, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Northwind Dancer

Northwind dancer was introduced in 2001, and has since won numerous awards by daylily societies. The flower is noted for its star shape, graceful stamens, unusual color and long petals that almost seem like curling ribbon. The petals have pink-lavender edges and yellow-green centers.

Bela Lugosi

Bela Lugosi is a daylily that performs well in all latitudes. It was developed in Ohio in 1995, and has become popular throughout the country for its hearty nature. The plant produces 6-inch diameter flowers with broad, short petals of a dark purple hue and deep pink centers. The petals are noted for not fading in color as they age.

Darla Anita

Darla Anita is a daylily that may put an observer in mind of a ruffled petticoat, because the petals of a Darla Anita are ruffled at the tips. The plant produces blooms that are lavender and star shaped with wide petals and a golden center. The looping, ruffled tips are golden as well. Although the plant was cultivated in Florida, it does very well in cold regions. The American Hemerocallis Society Region 1 named Darla Anita as a favorite for their temperate zone.

Siloam Double Classic

Siloam Double Classic was introduced in 1985. The plant is known for its impressive number of blossoms and cold hardiness. Flowers include a double layer of blooms with an outer ring of petals and an inner ring as well. The 4.5-inch diameter blooms are soft pink. The plant grows in low clumps that reach up to 18 inches tall. The edges of each petal are slightly crimped in a 'pie crust' configuration.

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