The Best Containers for Growing Vegetables

Containers for growing vegetables come in many sizes, shapes and colors. The particular growing needs of the vegetable you wish to grow determines the overall size of the container, as adequate room for root development must be provided for plants to thrive. Otherwise, the containers you choose depends your budgetary limitations and personal preferences.

Whiskey Barrels

Whiskey barrels make delightful planters and are large enough for a tomato plant surrounded by herbs or two pepper plants. Small vegetables, like salad greens, beans or cole crops produce well in whiskey barrels. Vining plants like cucumbers thrive in a barrel when allowed to trail over the side.

Wooden Planters

Square or rectangular planters constructed from wood make sturdy planters ready for vegetables. Making your own wooden planters allows you to choose the dimensions of the planter to suit the needs of your plants. Deep planters are required for vegetables with large roots systems, but a depth of 6 inches accommodates smaller varieties.

Plastic Buckets

Plastic buckets filled with soil make good planters. Five-gallon buckets are large enough to support a tomato plant or two pepper plants. Setting buckets on the hot top in the drive or along the foundation of the house draws heat and provides the ideal environment for sun-loving plants. In northern climates, black buckets are often used for tomatoes and peppers. Southern areas should avoid black as the soil may overheat and damage roots.

Large Window Boxes

Window boxes provide room for a mixture of lettuce, spinach, radish and other salad greens. Add a mixture of colors and textures to create a mini-garden at your fingertips.

Terra Cotta Plant Pots

Terra cotta pots are available in a range of sizes suitable for container gardening. These earthy pots add visual appeal and create a striking planting. Choose pots in the appropriate size for your plants and place on patios, along walkways and on porch steps for an attractive display of fresh vegetables. Terra cotta dries out quickly and requires more frequent watering

Plastic Plant Pots

Plastic pots come in many shapes and sizes and are available in a range of colors. Although they are inexpensive, they do not last as long as other pots and may require replacing often. For adding a splash of color to your container gardens, pots in bright colors are both functional and decorative.

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