How to Adjust Lawn Sprinkler Heads


Proper sprinkler head adjustment is crucial for many reasons. As more and more water is being used, it is imperative to use as little as possible while maintaining a lush, thick and healthy lawn. Sprinkler heads are adjusted in a few ways. One way is to adjust the water pressure in the sprinkler system and the other is to adjust the sprinkler heads directly at the head. When you adjust lawn sprinkler heads to spray correctly, you'll get better coverage and use less water.

Step 1

Turn on the largest sprinkler station. Turn the master control valve all the way off, which will be counterclockwise. Watch the sprinklers and turn the valve slowly back on until the sprinklers reach their maximum throw. The sprinklers should not be throwing out any mist.

Step 2

Make adjustments at the individual station valves. Once again, look for maximum throw without throwing out any mist.

Step 3

Adjust the individual radius screw on top of the sprinkler head. This screw can usually be adjusted with a regular screwdriver (verify with your individual style of head) and will lessen or lengthen the throw of the sprinkler head.


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