Ideas for a Deck With Trees

If your deck has been built around trees, don't worry; there are many ways to utilize the space and turn the deck into your own private oasis. If there are multiple trees around, think about ways to use those together to form a defined area of the deck. For an inviting deck design, attach an outdoor hammock to the deck trees for the ultimate place for relaxing.

Wrap-Around Bench

Wrap-around benches add extra seating around a deck that would otherwise be wasted. Utilizing space around decks trees is ideal for extending your living space outdoors. They are built around any size tree, making them versatile and functional. Wrap benches are also ideal for outdoor dining. Add an outdoor table along one side of the bench for a makeshift outdoor dining table. Don't forget to add comfort to the space by adding decorative outdoor pillows around the benches.

Climbing Vines

Bring lush foliage and bright blooms to the tree by planting a creeping vine. Use the deck tree as the support for the vine to wrap around and create an exotic feel to the space. There are many creeping vines to grow in containers at the base of the tree and to add color to the space. A bougainvillea vine has bright pink blooms to create a wall of color along a deck tree. Morning glories, a fast-growing vine, have bright and colorful blooms that will cover the deck tree in no time. Enjoy sitting outside along your wrap-around bench and watch the morning glories swirl open.


Use two deck trees as the support for adding a cloth canopy to soar over the decks space for your own private spot. Canopies are easily secured into the deck tree with screws or tied to the tree with a secure rope. Canopies are perfect for creating shade on the deck while adding an unexpected space for relaxing. Under the canopy, nestle an outdoor patio set for outdoor dining and living. Use a brightly colored canopy for a burst of color to the deck.


Use the trees around the deck to hang birdhouses and bird feeders. Hang them directly on the tree or dangling from the branches. Create a colorful collage using different types of birdhouses to attract various species. Birdhouses attract songbirds and are a nice way to wake up in the morning.

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