How to Pick a Honeydew Melon


After planting and tending honeydew melons all summer long, the anticipation of ripe honeydew may have you eagerly scouting your garden patch every day for signs of ripening produce. Because honeydew melons will not continue to ripen off the vine, you must not pick a honeydew melon until it is fully ripe and ready to eat. Honeydew melons matured on the vine are worth the wait.

Step 1

Observe the honeydew melons growing on the vine each day in the late summer to assess each melon for ripeness. Allow the honeydews to mature fully on the vines for optimal flavor.

Step 2

Examine the blossom end (opposite to the end attached to the vine) to see if it is soft. When the blossom end of the honeydew is soft and gives slightly when you press it, this indicates the honeydew is ripe.

Step 3

Look at the rind of the honeydew melons. When honeydew melons are ripe, their rinds present a creamy yellow color.

Step 4

Harvest honeydew melon you plan to use immediately by cutting the vine just above the melon. To harvest a honeydew melon you plan to store for up to one week, leave 1 inch of vine on the melon when cutting. This prevents the honeydew melon from decaying.

Step 5

Use honeydew melons immediately or store them for up to one week in the refrigerator.

Tips and Warnings

  • Use caution when you press on the blossom end of the honeydew repeatedly. If you press too hard, too many times, you may bruise the blossom end. Bruising the blossom end will result in the blossom end feeling soft because of the bruise and not necessarily because of ripeness. Do not damage the honeydew vines as you harvest to protect honeydews left on the vine.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears


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