How to Rid Your Lawn of Moles


Moles in a lawn can cause an abundant amount of damage with their ongoing tunneling. Mounds of loose soil materialize throughout the green grass carpet. Soon the grass begins to sink in as mole tunnels collapse from rain or time which makes the lawn look unsightly and makes mowing difficult. Mole tunnels can easily cave in while walking across the lawn which makes them treacherous to young and old alike. The easiest way to remove moles is to utilize killing traps. Moles will rarely consume poisons which are dangerous to children and pets. Repellents also do not work well with moles.

Step 1

Walk through the lawn and tamp the tunnels down. Wait a day or two and then see which tunnels have been dug out. The tunnels that the moles have dug out are main runways. These are the areas where you will have the most success setting traps because the moles maintain their main runways on a daily basis.

Step 2

Locate a mound of soil off the main runway. Each main runway has mounds of soil where the mole will enter and exit often. Set the mole trap 18 inches away from the mole mound exit. You will want the trap to straddle the runway tunnel.

Step 3

Dig out a hole that is large enough to easily slide the trap into. Flatten the bottom of the home and begin to build a small flat plug with loose, moist soil. This is where the trigger plate of the trap will rest.

Step 4

Check to make sure the safety mechanism is set on the trap. Lower the trap into the hole gently. Make sure the trigger plate fits snugly over the plug mound of soil. The mole will step on the trigger plate to activate the trap.

Step 5

Fill the hole in with loose dirt. Cover the trap thoroughly but do not tamp down the soil. Release the safety mechanism. The loose soil will hide the trap. The mole will think that its runway tunnel has simply caved in which is a common occurrence in the mole's world. The mole will begin to dig out the main tunnel in order to reach its exit hole. As it digs the hole out the mole will eventually encounter the trigger plate which will set off the trap. The mole will be destroyed with either a scissor action killing mechanism or a harpoon. Both traps are highly effective for killing moles.

Step 6

Lift the trap out and dispose of the mole promptly. Reset the trap in another main runway.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always handle mole traps with the safety mechanism on.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissor or harpoon trap
  • Metal rod
  • Shovel


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