How to Prepare Leeks


If you like onions, leeks may be a culinary treat worth trying in the kitchen. Fresh leeks resemble green onions, except they are larger. Whether you grow these tasty members of the onion family yourself or purchase them from the produce section of the market, leeks will add a delicious dimension to your savory recipes. Prepare leeks simply and easily for a delectable treat.

Step 1

Place the fresh leeks into the colander. Run cold water over the leeks and rub the outsides of the leeks with your hands to remove any visible dirt.

Step 2

Set the washed leeks onto the cutting board. Cut the greenest portion from the tops of the leeks and discard. Trim to the point where the color of the leeks begins changing from white to green (leave some of the palest green portion on the leeks).

Step 3

Slice the root portion from the other end of the leeks and discard.

Step 4

Cut the leeks lengthwise in half. Remove the outermost layers from the halves of the leeks and discard these portions.

Step 5

Place the leeks with the flat sides down on the cutting board and cut the leeks into slices.

Step 6

Fill a medium-size bowl with cool water. Place the sliced leeks into the water and wash them carefully in the water to remove any remaining soil. Pour the leeks back into the colander to drain them.

Step 7

Use the sliced leeks in your recipe. You can sauté leeks lightly in oil for several minutes to cook them through, and then add them to any savory dish.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh leeks
  • Colander
  • Cutting board
  • Utility knife
  • Medium bowl
  • Frying pan
  • Oil


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