Ideas for Floral Gifts

Common floral gifts inevitably include a bunch of wildflowers or roses in a vase. Finding the perfect, innovative gift for anyone who loves flowers requires some thought. Consider other uses for flowers around the home. Flowers serve as decorative additions to enhance the home interior. Wall hangings, dried arrangements, wreaths and a gardening supply bag will be a treasured gift for anyone who loves flowers.

Dried Flower Arrangements

We often order a bunch of live flowers in a vase for friends or family members. After a few days, petals drop and this beautiful living gift gets thrown away. Consider purchasing a dried flower arrangement in place of live flowers. Arrangements come with a decorative basket or box filled with a muted arrangements of a variety of dried flowers. These thoughtful gifts won't die off and won't require a green thumb.

Pressed Flower Sun Catchers

Florists often have local artisans creating beautiful trinkets and knickknacks for gifts. Check out your local florist for hand-pressed stained glass sun catchers. Floral sun catchers feature a flower or herb pressed tightly between two pieces of glass. Artisans often decorate the piece with delicate floral drawings and designs. This timeless gift will remind the recipient of your thoughtfulness every time the sun shines through the window.

Floral Wreaths

Give a permanent floral gift for an individual by creating or buying a dried floral wreath. These lovely pieces can serve as a decorative addition to any room in the home. Wreaths can be comprised of beautiful greenery or designed to include favorite flowers. Match the wreath colors and ribbon to the décor of the home.

Floral Paintings

No one ever said a floral gift needed to be alive. Purchase a unique painting depicting a favorite flower or garden scene. Make sure to consider the color scheme of the recipient's home. Designs include modern bright colorings or more subdued sketches and drawings.

Fabric Flowers

Fill a vase with fabric flowers to provide a friend or family member with a lasting gift with impact. Fabric flowers come in a wide variety of styles, colors and types to match any indoor decorating style. Choose fabric flowers with herbs and spices woven into the flower for a special treat.

Gardener's Bag

The perfect floral gift for an avid gardener requires collecting special things to accommodate this hobby. Choose a sturdy container such as a gardening bag, flat basket or metal decorative bucket. Fill the container with gardening gloves, packets of seed, peat pots, shovel, hand rake, pruning shears and plant labels.

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