Irrigation Spray Tips

Irrigation spray systems are an ideal way to water your lawn or garden. It uses a sprinkler system to distribute the water to large areas so you don't have to do so manually. The key to using irrigation spray is to understand the areas of your landscape that need more water than others. For example, trees and shrubs will need more water than your grass lawn, and flower beds that are in direct sunlight will need more than those in shade.

Spray Patterns

Get the most water coverage as possible from your irrigation. The ultimate way to do this is to make sure the pattern of the spray forms an equilateral triangle. To do this, add more sprinkler heads if necessary.

Head To Head Coverage

Make sure that the water from each irrigation head overlaps with the next one, in order to get head to head coverage over your entire watering area. If they do not overlap, over time the vegetation in this area will die, turn yellow or be weaker then the others. According to, the maximum distance between sprinkler heads should be no more than 60 percent of the sprinkler head's watering diameter.

Watering Cycle

Watering cycles are very important. Make sure that the water penetrates deep to the roots, so use the "cycle and soak" method. This means you will use the irrigation spray for a certain period of time, say, five minutes, spaced out evenly between three times per day. If water is running off the area, such as your lawn, this means to reduce the amount of watering because the ground can't absorb any more. Always check your irrigation sprinkler heads during peak watering times, like spring and summer season, to make sure they work properly and have no blockage.

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